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North Lime
Coffee and Donuts

A quarter score and some years ago (roughly the year 2012), beyond the rolling hills of bluegrass, the galloping steeds on the grassy plains, there came together three adventurers in a noble quest to perfect the most holy union of coffee and donuts. One a lowly crafter of sugar and butter, another a noble and wise high cleric, and lastly a jovial bard from a nearby land. Each had a skill, a dream, a vision. In a secluded tavern room, the fateful three exchanged stories of adventures past, and hopes of where the road less traveled would lead. But this one notion united them: Should not donuts and coffee be perfected together, enjoyed together, and partaken with both friend and foe? This marriage between billowy, crisp dough and smooth, complex brew, is it not the one thing that unites us all? They forged ahead, building a new kind of tavern- nay, a sanctuary!- one where a worn and weary traveler could find rest in the rich aromas of an expertly crafted latte. And need he travel on down the road for that tender and crisp life-changing donut? Why, no! It has also been lovingly crafted within these walls! Finally, the two shall ne’er be apart- donut and coffee, coffee and donut- they shall be forever united by North Lime Coffee and Donuts.


Our Values


At North Lime, we make our donuts with the most simple ingredients. Unlike most donut shops, you won't find us using mixes, and you won't find us using shortening or margarine. We mix, fry, glaze, ice and top all of our donuts by hand. Our coffees are roasted by local roasters. We grind, tamp and pull all of our own espresso and coffee manually, no automation. We truly feel that the best tasting food and drink comes from investing time. We hope you can taste the difference!


Yes, we are a for-profit business. We feel that there is a responsibility that comes with being fortunate enough to be successful, and that is why we donate 10% of our profits to local charities. We don't just give back monetarily, we also try to impact our communities with our presence. The teams at our shops are out getting involved, helping our communities be better and more fun places to live!


Wouldn't the world be a lot better, if all of us humans actually truly cared about each other? We all have bad days. We'd like to make your day just a little brighter. We want to be the hub of the communities we're in, hopefully making them a little more fun. Most of us spend our lives at two main places, our first place is home, our second place is work. North Lime would like to be your third place. The place where you meet friends and family. The place where you have meetings. The place where you meet the person that you fell in love with. The place you take your kids when they're out of school. The place that you can go when you're having a rough day. We count on on our employees AND our customers to have compassion. This will truly make North Lime your third place.


We are constantly trying to improve ourselves, our coffee and donuts, and our communities. Each day our baristas and donut engineers are hard at work coming up with new recipes, flavors and beverages. We encourage creativity and input, hoping to redefine and push the limits of the donut and espresso drink! We feature a new rotating donut every day. How can you as a customer keep up? Simply follow us on your favorite flavor of social media. We'll be there, showing you our creations!


We're having fun! Are you having fun?!? We hope you do when you come into our stores to enjoy our creations. Life is more fun with coffee and donuts. This hasn't been scientifically proven, but rest assured, someday it will be. Remember Oscar Wilde's quote, "“Between the optimist and the pessimist, the difference is droll. The optimist sees the donut; the pessimist the hole!”

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